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New York Yankees Show Support For Bullied Scranton Fourth Grader

21 April 2018

Jenn Slater posted a video to her Facebook page that shows her daughter Cassidy, 10, describing how she has been routinely bullied by a group of kids at her elementary school in Scranton. Cassidy had originally posted on Facebook, but her account was suspended; she likely was reported for being below the age requirement (13), her father said. The signs (put together) send the message: "We know sharing your story must have been hard, but you showed courage. and strength. and inspired us to reach out to you".

Ignored by other kids, Warner explained how she would often sit alone at lunch. "We have your back!" The Yankees created a video featuring 24 players and manager Aaron Boone holding note cards telling Warner "we care about you" and inviting her to hang with the team at Yankee Stadium.

Nearly every Yankees player and Boone were featured holding up sheets of paper with words of encouragement during their video, the style copied from how Cassidy told the story of how she'd been physically and mentally bullied at John Adams Elementary School.

The Yankees' video, posted on Twitter on Wednesday, had more than 434,000 views in 36 hours. We may be older than you, we may be taller than you, but we want you to know we look up to you.

Aaron Judge: "You are not alone! You can sit with us at lunch anytime!"

"Dear Cassidy. My name is C.C. Sabathia and I play baseball for the New York Yankees", their video begins.

There's rumblings around the Yankees' clubhouse that Giancarlo Stanton should be moved down in the lineup tonight.

Gary Sanchez: "Got your back!" The fourth grader says she has been bullied since the first grade.

"Let's just say I cried!" she wrote.

"Kids don't even want to go near me", Slater wrote, ending it with a sad face. "You're strong, amusing and lovely both inside and out", Jackman posted. "I'm not exactly sure on the date".

Something tells me Cassidy is going to have a pretty awesome lunch date some time in the next few weeks.

New York Yankees Show Support For Bullied Scranton Fourth Grader