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USA recklessness in Syria

17 April 2018

The Russian statements were forcefully rejected by the United States, with President Donald Trump telling the Russians that missles were on the way.

Meanwhile, Russia's ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that United States threats to use force in Syria is in violation of worldwide law.

In a statement released on Twitter, Russia's ambassador to the US said the country was being "threatened", and issued an ominous warning that reprisals could follow.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley said the use of chemical weapons in Syria threatens world peace and that Russian Federation is responsible. This was playing with fire after Russia - Syria's strongest ally - had warned that a missile attack would be met with force by Moscow, raising fears of a straight fight between the USA and Russia. London is already preparing a proportionate cyber response, argues The Sunday Times.

Following up on President Donald Trump's threat, the U.S. - along with allies Britain and France - rained cruise missiles at three locations in Syria on Saturday, the biggest strike by the West in the seven years of the war in Syria.

The Russian military says Syria's Soviet-made air defense systems have shot down all 12 cruise missile aimed at a Syrian air base. "We did not coordinate targets".

The war of words between the US and Russian Federation over Syria's use of chemical weapons against its own people has escalated.

Russia's foreign ministry said Syria had been attacked just as it had a chance for peace.

The strikes were a response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Douma last weekend which killed dozens of civilians.

Amid escalating tensions in the region, Russia has repeatedly warned the U.S. and its allies against taking any military action in Syria, as it might lead to grave consequences for the whole world, especially given the fact that Russian troops are deployed in the country. Moscow has also tempered its tone, saying only that "there will be consequences".

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USA recklessness in Syria