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Spotify swipes a major player from Apple Music

17 April 2018

Chery played an important role for Apple, but also for the music industry in general.

Carl Chery's reportedly leaving his position at Apple Music, Variety reports.

Sources say that the deal between Chery and Spotify have not been finalized, according to Billboard. This person is no other than the Head of Artist Curation for hip hop, Carl Chery. However, Spotify will likely be behind unless it partners with Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, otherwise the company will have to start at square one with its smart assistant work.

The heated fight between Apple Music and Spotify is only at the beginning, as Spotify gave another serious blow to Apple's streaming service.

With the departure of Chery, Apple Music appears to be continuously shuffling its team. It comes at an interesting time as Apple Music recently announced the new lead for Apple Music as Oliver Schusser.

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We already know Spotify is a few steps ahead of Apple Music in terms of subscribers and popularity. The Verge was able to receive an invite for the said event and it looks like Spotify will be sharing news about upcoming changes to its mobile app.

Spotify swipes a major player from Apple Music