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Sea Of Thieves update roadmap revealed with The Hungering Deep

17 April 2018

Sea of Thieves isn't the most exciting game at launch, with Rare completely aware of this so the developer will be making some changes in their upcoming May update that will address at least some of the boredom.

Coming May, The Hungering Deep will arrive that'll offer Sea of Thieves players a new AI threat to the game and a special event.

In April, however, the focus of the team's Sea of Thieves to focus on responsiveness to requests and demands of players.

Sea Of Thieves - what will the new enemies be? Like The Hungering Deep, expect Cursed Sails to add more fresh gameplay mechanics, more AI threats and unique rewards.

Rare is keeping finer details close to its chest right now, but has promised the update will introduce a "new AI threat" that players must work together in order to discover and defeat in a fresh event. Both updates will also include new gameplay dynamics, enemies, questlines and subsequent rewards.

Beyond that, five more content updates are planned for the rest of 2018, but only two have been revealed so far.

The game's weekly events programme will also begin in May, which will also introduce new mechanics and rewards, but Rare are being cagey on the specifics.

Sea of Thieves came out in March and some gamers were disappointed by the lack of content the world had to offer at launch.

It's a bummer that it'll now be even longer until we get parrots, but Rare has realised that there are more important things to worry about and so the first content update will bring with it a new type of enemy. The real question is whether or not it will be enough to keep people interested in Sea of Thieves over the next couple of months as such promises have been made before by other developers to mixed results.

Sea Of Thieves update roadmap revealed with The Hungering Deep