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Samsung's new smartphone patent shows they are joining the notch hype

17 April 2018

Samsung is experimenting time to time with it's smartphones, sometimes with the design of phone and some times with the interface.

Love it or hate it, display notches on smartphones are now being adopted by more manufacturers thanks to the Essential Phone and the iPhone X. Now it looks like Samsung may be planning on jumping the bandwagon despite mocking the Cupertino giant at first.

With Chinese patent organization SIPO, Samsung has recently filed a patent application (PDF) that indicated a few different phone designs, each device has a notch above the screen. Other than that the patent shows that a screen has stretched to all sides on the front. Above the display is a rectangular cutout where the front-facing camera, earpiece speaker and sensors are located.

However, the patent shows that the Samsung next flagship will iPhone x have but still it not confirmed and no one can guarantee that the phone will be release with same design. And now, it appears as though Samsung is going back to its old playbook by working on a new smartphone design that blatantly copies Apple's tenth-anniversary iPhone. The iPhone X launch was delayed past year compared to that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus because there were apparently issues with the production of the TrueDepth Camera system that powered the Face ID feature. The front side is nearly all-display, while the back only has the dual cameras. But, what let many tech critics down was that the devices featured notch on top of the display similar to that of the iPhone X [review]. With regular placement of the power button on the right, volume rockers on the left USB port and headphone jack at the bottom, one new design aspect is the placement of the sim-card tray on the top, which hasn't been till now, but may become a thing in the future. And it seems like, Apple's biggest competition Samsung may join Team Notch soon.

Samsung's new smartphone patent shows they are joining the notch hype