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It is 'Back-to-School' for Most Oklahoma Kids

17 April 2018

As Oklahoma teachers declared victory and returned to classrooms Monday after a nine-day school walkout, their Colorado counterparts were poised to stage their own labor action as a movement ignited by a successful strike by West Virginia educators continues to sweep the nation.

About 150 teachers will be at the State Capitol Building rallying for more funding for public schools.

Earlier this month, Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill that raises teachers' salaries by an average of $6,100.

These movements were largely inspired by a nine-day statewide teacher walkout in West Virginia that began February 22, resulting in their winning the 5 percent pay increase they wanted. According to the National Education Association, Colorado teachers average $US46,000 per year, and rural-based Colorado teachers can make as little as $US30,000.

It would be up to voters to change where the marijuana money goes and give more money for student funding or teacher pay.

Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill March 31 providing $50 million in public school funding, but the increase was nowhere near matching teachers' demands for $200 million.

Colorado's teachers' union expects more than 400 teachers at a rally that's planned for Monday at the state's Capitol in Denver.

The sad state of the education sector doesn't affect the rich. Teachers in other states saw what could be gained by protesting a system that hurt them and were emboldened to fight for student necessities and fair wages and benefits.

Public schools are underfunded by $828 million this year, Dallman told the Post, and lawmakers have said they could inject at least $100 million more into schools-but they have yet to do so.

As a result of the teacher walkout, the district announced that it would be adding one hour to the end of each school day through the end of the year.

They want the parents to know what the issues are. The Oklahoma Teachers Association, the state's largest teachers' union, has spoken for the thousands of educators throughout the walkout.

It is 'Back-to-School' for Most Oklahoma Kids