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Griggs slams ABC reports over Closing Ceremony

17 April 2018

Many athletes appeared to show little interest in the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony.

"And the athletes left because they didn't feel at all included in the show which is such a shame as they were the real stars who should have been celebrated". To be perfectly honest Jo, so have we.

Beattie said the decision was made to limit the time athletes, many of whom were tired from competition, had to wait outside the stadium.

On Monday morning, a contrite Games chairman Peter Beattie apologised for the closing ceremony after athletes were left out of the broadcast, earning a scathing on-air broadside from the Channel Seven hosts.

Channel 7 host Johanna Griggs is angry at the way athletes were treated at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony and unhappy her integrity has been questioned.

"I stand by the fact that we could only show the vision supplied to us on the night, and that whoever made the decision to not cut away to the athletes made a bad call".

"We are naturally disappointed that the good intentions of the creative did not necessarily work for some of the athletes involved and the broadcast audience".

He shed more light on the topnotch features of the country's participation and reinforcements put in place to encourage the athletes and boost their confidence in the Games and the country.

"It hasn't really lived up to expectations and I've got to say it's about the only thing they got wrong, but they did get it wrong tonight".

"This resulted in the athletes entering the stadium during the pre-show, rather than during the live broadcast".

"They made the decision not to have the actual athletes enter the stadium, they made the decision not to show the flagbearers and I'm furious", Griggs said.

Event organisers were slammed for not focusing on the athletes.

As part of the revamp, Martin said she was also considering Duel in the Pool-style offshoots, potentially lining up the Commonwealth against major powers in sports such as swimming or athletics. You want to see them jumping in front of camera. You want to see them celebrating 11 days of great sport. There's no athletes in here.

According to BBC, "He [Jean Paul Nsengiyumva] was at Carrara Stadium with an athlete for the competition there and before the end of the competition the coach went to the toilet and from then we realised he was not in the stadium or the [athletes'] village", Mr Eugene is quoted as saying.

Fans who tuned into the closing ceremony hoping to see Aussie flag-bearer Kurt Fearnley did not mask their disappointment either.

Griggs slams ABC reports over Closing Ceremony