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Greitens' Attorney: Hawley 'clearly compromised' Probe into Donor List

17 April 2018

Hawley said his investigation revealed evidence that Greitens' use of the charity's donor list broke the law.

ABC 17 previously reported that federal tax law prohibits 501 (c)(3) charities such as The Mission Continues from participating in any political campaign on behalf of a candidate for public office. And given the value of the list in question, Hawley said, the offense amounts to a felony.

In a letter from Attorney Ed Dowd to Hawley's office, he says that's because Hawley has "predetermined the guilt of his own investigative target".

If charged, computer tampering over $500 is a felony in Missouri and Hawley says there is evidence it is over $500.

Hawley is one of several lawmakers who called on Greitens to resign as allegations of sexual misconduct continue to mount against the governor.

"[Greitens] did all of this without permission of The Mission Continues", Hawley said at the Tuesday morning press conference.

Greitens in a Tuesday statement said he'll get rid of what he described as "false allegations". Hawley announced on Tuesday that his office had evidence that Greitens illegally obtained that fundraising list.

"The evidence in this case has been publicly available since October 2016 - what excuse could Josh Hawley possibly have for failing to pursue an investigation and allowing this evidence to languish for over a year?" said Meira Bernstein, a spokeswoman for McCaskill's campaign. The AP found that Greitens' campaign had raised almost $2 million from donors who previously gave significant amounts to The Mission Continues.

A spokeswoman for Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner says St. Louis prosecutors met with officials from the attorney general's office on Monday, and are reviewing evidence.

He's also facing felony invasion of privacy charges for taking a semi-nude photo of the woman without her consent. He said his office has shared its information with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, and with a special House investigatory committee that is investigating the governor. "The Attorney General held a completely frivolous and inappropriate press conference on a non-issue".

The Associated Press first reported in October 2016 that Greitens' campaign had obtained a list of top donors to The Mission Continues. Dowd argued that the attorney general's investigation of veterans charity The Mission Continues is compromised because of that. He faced bipartisan calls to step down last week after the release of a graphic House report on his conduct.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker suggests that it might be time for fellow Republican Governor Eric Greitens to call it quits.

The governor was arrested in February on charges of felony invasion of privacy related to the affair. Senate Democrats proposed blocking all bills from going to Greitens' desk in protest of claims against him.

Greitens' Attorney: Hawley 'clearly compromised' Probe into Donor List