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Google's AI-powered project will let you 'Talk to Books'

17 April 2018

However, Google cautions that the experiment "works at the sentence level as opposed to the paragraph level", which is the reason, clients may locate some startling and outside of any relevant connection to the issue at handbooks and entries. This time around, however, things feel like the might be a bit different when it comes to the latest "technology of the future." Why? Now, it looks like they're taking that human-like interaction a step further with what looks like a new addition to Google Maps. No, this isn't the start of the robot uprising.

Although these kits are fully equipped, the devices still have to be assembled and to ease the process, Google has released a companion app for Android users that walks users through the wireless setup and configuration of the smart home gadgets. "For numerous sites, we also developed intricate 3D models that allow you to inspect from every angle, using the new Google Poly 3D viewer on Google Arts & Culture", said Google's Chance Coughenour, referring to the company's seven-year-old venture for digitally preserving and sharing significant artworks online.

The updated kits will include a Raspberry Pi processing unit (specifically the Raspberry Pi Zero WH) and the Vision Kit will include a Raspberry Pi camera as well.

The kits are called the AIY Voice and AIY Vision kits respectively.

At the moment the kits are only available in the U.S. at Target at $90 (about £60, AU$115) for the Vision Kit, and £50 (about £30, AU$60) for the Voice Kit (which is a fantastic price for a Google Assistant smart speaker). Users also now no longer need to download the software image and can get running faster. The Vision Kit even includes a Raspberry Pi Camera v2. Google's new AIY Voice Kit and Vision Kit are already available online at and in Target stores across the country, and Google hopes to offer them in other regions in the coming months.

Users who want to be notified about the availability of the do-it-yourself AI products can sign up to Google's AIY Projects mailing list for updates.

These Google AIY Projects are a nice initiative from the search giant to push communities to improve their STEM programs in schools.

Google's AI-powered project will let you 'Talk to Books'