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Former Mossad Chief: We're On a 'Collision Course with Iran

17 April 2018

The attack drone was launched from Syria's T-4 air base, where Iran was also allegedly building its own air base.

Shortly after the conflict began, Iran began sending troops to support the Assad regime.

Asked who were the "chief financial beneficiaries" of the sanctions evasion scheme, prosecutors said, "First and foremost, the scheme benefited the Iranian government entities whose access to oil revenue and to the USA financial system was restricted under the sanctions laws".

"This is not about regime change".

The official's admissions to the New York Times represented the first time for an Israeli source to admit that Israel warplanes had struck an Iranian position in Syria. But McKenzie said Saturday he hasn't seen any indication that Russian air defense systems were used, calling Syria's response "indiscriminate" and mostly futile. They seem to have been abandoned.

Iran was outraged by the strike, and unlike its traditional downplaying of previous indirect incidents, openly acknowledged its losses and vowed to take revenge.

"The Institution for the Development of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, located in the Barzeh neighborhood northeast of the Syrian capital, specialized in producing specific drugs which are direly in short supply amid Western sanctions", reported Press TV's website.

Syria now is in the hands of Russian Federation, mainly, then Turkey, and somehow Iran.

The European Union failed to agree on new sanctions against Iran on Monday amid Italy's opposition and fears that punishing Tehran for its missile program and regional role would not stop US President Donald Trump from abandoning a separate nuclear deal.

But Iran is different because its presence depends so much on Russian Federation; without an air force or land borders it has to tolerate everything that hits it, even if Israel strikes its bases time and time again.

The frustrated Iranian public have no sympathy with Assad, nor with the Revolutionary Guard in Syria.

A tweet posted by an account that publishes statements from Hezbollah's military wing said that "rumors" of an Israeli air strike served only to "raise the morale of the terrorists after the disappointment they suffered as a result of the failure of the tripartite aggression against Syria".

Camelia Entekhabifard is an Iranian-American journalist, political commentator and author of Camelia: Save Yourself By Telling the Truth (Seven Stories Press, 2008).