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Faribault School Superintendent on AM Minnesota

17 April 2018

Rogers noted that LISD tax rates have actually gone down over the past few years, but the total property tax revenue has gone up with property values.

Crestwood School District Superintendent Joseph Gorham has scheduled a "press conference" for Wednesday afternoon, a little bit more than 24 hours before the next school board meeting.

Employee salaries and benefits make up the biggest part of the proposed budget, coming in at more than $89 million.

Marchese said that an expenditure in the range of $116 million not only provides for larger classrooms, on average, but it also opens up the common spaces-the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, and library-to ensure that those spaces are large enough to accommodate some growth in enrollment. "We are pleased the investigator found there was no employment discrimination".

If the two schools were to be closed, the district could end up reorganizing its elementary education structure into a "grade-center configuration".

"We're anticipating a reduction of 10 buses".

"Of course they're not happy, they're not getting any information", she said.

School Board Tom Marshall (Leesburg), a member of the ad hoc committee on the Academies of Loudoun, said the first step should be repairing the relationship between central office administration and teachers. Last year, the board touted having been well below the cap for five years in a row. "Engagement is something we go out and get, right?"

In December, parents objected to a proposal that would have had special education students start middle school one year early.

Combined, Lee Elementary School and Lee Middle and High School have 134 choice students.

Decreased enrollment will bring with it a decrease in the number of teachers needed, he said.

He said he'd like to focus more on providing support to teachers in the school district as opposed to just focusing on infrastructure repairments.

"One of things... that would be advantageous for [the county] is if they hire a full time officer, then they have someone to help them reduce their overtime costs in the summer", Eklington said.

Other sponsorships are also being sought, so long as the sponsors are not direct competitors of primary sponsor Grand View Health, he said.

While the trio said that the traditional method of learning, i.e. reading and writing, is still very important, they also maintain that this kind of hands-on approach will better prepare their students for a future where STEM (science, technology, engineering and match) jobs, like computer programming and software development, will be in high demand.

School board member John Auerbach, who has consistently spoken about the need to limit costs on the project, said that he was in favor of keeping costs between $102 million and $105 million.

Although the details for the sponsor signage is still being finalized, the Grand View Health sign at the stadium entrances will probably be similar to its sign at the Pennridge High School stadium, which GVH also sponsors, Stone said.

Faribault School Superintendent on AM Minnesota