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Cambridge police officers filmed allegedly beating Harvard student Selorm Ohene

17 April 2018

McGovern, the Mayor of Cambridge's mayor, called the "disturbing" while promising that the findings of their investigation would be made available to the public.

"He is now recovering from injuries sustained during his encounter with the Cambridge Police Department", the statement from the university said.

Bard-while emphasizing that he has not yet conducted "a frame-by-frame review" of video of the arrest-offered a detailed account and a defense of the CPD officers' actions Monday. It contains racial slurs and expletives used by bystanders as a crowd gathered. Most of the concern is not about police intervening with the student but how they did so - video shows the student being punched after he was detained. That goes on for some time, with the officers at arm's length at least.

Cars slowed down and about 30 people gathered to watch the scene.

In the video, an officer grabs Ohene's legs from behind, knocking him forward into another officer. More citizens begin taking cell phone videos.

"Police have acknowledged that an officer punched him five times in the stomach", The New York Times reported.

Last night at approximately 9:09 p.m.

Officers located the male and "verbally engaged him" on the median. It was learned from his acquaintances that he previously took narcotics, which could have a hallucinogenic effect when ingested.

"The video speaks for itself", the lawyers said. "After he was observed clenching his fists and moving towards officers, the decision was made to take the individual down".

As for the take-down, police claim Ohene "resisted arrest once on the ground".

"We operate in a practical world", Bard said.

The student involved in the incident is now undergoing evaluation at a hospital for issues including mental health concerns-and the ongoing evaluation is "one of the reasons" the student has yet to be arraigned, Bard said Monday. While in the ambulance, he spat blood and saliva at an EMT, according to the report.

Commissioner Branville Bard said if Ohene's face-off with police was linked to mental health issues, it's possible they drop the charges entirely. "Ideally, in an optimal situation that's no force", said the police commissioner. When confrontations can not be averted and include the use of physical force, we must be willing to review our actions to ensure that our police officers are providing the highest level of safety for all.

"So they continued other measures, other control holds, other uses of their batons, to try to get the arm leverage from underneath the man's body", Bard said. "If anyone's ever had to constrain an individual against their will, they'll know that it's a very hard thing to do". In a rapidly-evolving situation, as this was, the officers primary objective is to neutralize an incident to ensure the safety of the involved party (ies), officers and members of the public. The police then found the completely nude man standing in the middle of a traffic island. It also said the officers had tried to obstruct witnesses' attempts to record the encounter, but it did not specify how.

He added: 'Every attempt that was made to calm Ohene down and reason with him was met with opposition.

Cambridge Police Officers responded on Friday night to multiple 911 calls reporting a naked man of color who allegedly threw his clothes in a woman's face. "He was surrounded by at least four Cambridge Police Department (CPD) officers who, without provocation, lunged at him, tackled him and pinned him to the ground", the statement alleged. A fourth officer helps restrain Ohene, and one of the officers can be seen striking Ohene. To prevent the altercation from extending and leading to further injuries, particularly since the location of the engagement was next to a busy street with oncoming traffic, the officers utilized their discretion and struck the individual in the mid-section to gain his compliance and place him in handcuffs.

"A pool of blood remained on the pavement as the ambulance departed", according to the Black Law Students Association.

The organization asked people not to share Oherne's name.

"What is shown in the video is disturbing". As this case develops, we can only hope that black lives truly do matter to the city of Cambridge, and justice is served. In most cases, the extensive training our offices go through results in de-escalation of unsafe situations. We'll continue to review and refine our protocols, policies and trainings as appropriate to ensure we are most effectively, sensitively and safely handling incidents to uphold the highest degree of professionalism and standard of service our community expects from its police department.

In a statement Tuesday, Harvard Law School professors Ronald F. Sullivan Jr. and Dehlia Umunna said they now represent him. He is a native of Ghana.

Cambridge police officers filmed allegedly beating Harvard student Selorm Ohene