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Actress Sri Reddy Scolded Pawan Kalyan as Ma*****od

17 April 2018

Repeatedly, women have been sexually exploited and asked for nasty favors to earn a role in a film. A month ago, the former TV anchor had started off by speaking about casting couch and hit national headlines when she stripped in front of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce claiming sexual exploitation and discrimination against local talent.

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter on Saturday in support of actor Sri Reddy, who has cast a cloud on Tollywood by alleging rampant practice of the casting couch by many powerful men in the industry.

Tollywood actress Sri Reddy is in the news ever since she revealed the dirty picture of the casting couch. Her fearless stand has now given the strength to other women in the industry to stand up against this maltreatment.

Following Sri Reddy, several supporting artists including Sandhya Naidu, K Apoorva and Sunitha Reddy spoke about their experience in the industry. "It's fine. I'm not jealous and I am not trying to get public attention or popularity like anyone".

She made allegations against some celebrities and one of them posted on FB that he would take legal action and she immediately said she made these allegations just to entertainer her followers on social media. While the managers ask us to use the caravans of the stars, we are not allowed and are treated like worms. The actress opened up that some of the people in the industry would address her as "Amma" in the morning and at night, would ask her to sleep with them. Right? This needs to change, and it must change soon.

Actress Sri Reddy Scolded Pawan Kalyan as Ma*****od