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Triggering a Tax Audit from the IRS

16 April 2018

Here's how Americans are planning to use their refund windfalls-and how they can access their typical tax refunds throughout the year rather than waiting for tax time to get them.

The Lamesa post office has no plans to remain open later than usual on Tuesday, a spokesperson told the Lamesa Press-Reporter on Friday.

Tax Day is usually on April 15. The post office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

According to the IRS thousands of people have been scammed out of millions of dollars because of tricky tax scams, and with the tax deadline looming, scammers aren't letting up. You can go to your local tax preparer, submit it through an online tax preparer, or submit it through the IRS website. The longer you wait to file, the longer it will take to get your tax refund. They used a number of fraudulent practices, including falsely claiming deductions and fabricating educational credits in order to obtain refunds for their clients in amounts greater than those to which they were entitled. You can do much smarter things with that money, like putting it into a retirement plan or a college savings fund or maybe paying down outstanding debt or replenishing your emergency reserve fund.

Filing for an extension does not extend your tax liability payment.

One thing you should always do not forget to avoid being scammed during tax season, is that the IRS does not call and demand your personal information.

If you are due a refund, the sooner you file, the sooner you'll get it. Many will hastily get their QuickBooks file updated, appropriate documents compiled and a meeting with their accountant scheduled to ensure nothing delays getting this important task done. They say they will not initially contact you through email, text, social media or the phone. That means almost 50 million taxpayers have either spent the last week scrambling to locate key documents and file their returns, or have scrambled to locate key documents and instead filed for an extension. In fact, if the IRS owes you money, you don't even have to let them know you're filing late. Still, he said, even if a person can not pay everything he or she owes, it's better to file it that day than not file it at all.

Triggering a Tax Audit from the IRS