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Syrian army declares victory in Eastern Ghouta

16 April 2018

"Areas of Jap Ghouta in rural Damascus have been absolutely cleansed of terrorism", a military spokesman additionally stated in a press release delivered on state tv. Gen. Ali Mayhoub said Saturday that special units are clearing streets and squares of Douma from mines and explosives planted by rebels.

The conquest of Douma underlines how Russia's entry into the fray in 2015 on Mr. Assad's side has now helped him to an unassailable position in a conflict that mushroomed out of protests against his rule seven years ago.

To date, many weapons and ammunition factories and weapons depots have been found, along with many food depots, which have been monopolized by terrorists who starved and extorted locals, in addition to hospitals, medicine caches, and a large number of tunnels, the General Command said.

United Nations aid agencies have limited access to most areas in Eastern Ghouta where rebel forces are leaving after agreeing on a deal with the Syrian government, Reuters reported.

The poison gas attack, blamed on the Syrian regime-who Russian Federation backs in the ongoing civil war in the country-sparked an aggressive response from the United States, the United Kingdom, and France who are all opposed to President Bashar al-Assad and Moscow's support for him.

Assad's government, which has denied using chemical weapons, claims the US-led strikes violate global law.

Syrian army command has announced that Eastern Ghouta is now free of militants, state media reported.

Firstly of the yr Jap Ghouta was a sprawling semi-rural space simply east of Damascus, residence to almost 400,000 inhabitants, which had already endured a number of years below a authorities siege that slashed entry to meals, drugs and different items.

Nearly exactly one year to the date of 2017's purported Khan Shaykhun chemical weapons attack, a near-identical incident has now taken place outside of Damascus, with the suspicious circumstances and timing of this disputed event raising questions about who wanted it to supposedly happen and why.

With this progress, the Syrian army has fully controlled Eastern Ghouta, which was the last major threat to Damascus.

Damascus has been accused of finishing up an April 7 chemical weapons assault on Douma, the ultimate a part of the enclave the place rebels had been balking at a Russian-brokered deal to evacuate them to northern Syria.

Hundreds of Syrians demonstrated in a landmark square of the Syrian capital, waving victory signs and honking their vehicle horns in a show of defiance.

US-led strikes against Syria on Saturday appear to be making no difference to the war on the ground. The Syrian government has denied the accusations.

"Good morning steadfastness", one broadcaster said.

Syrian army declares victory in Eastern Ghouta