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Street Fighter V's Falke Previewed in Introduction Video

16 April 2018

Capcom has announced today that next week, a brand new character will be making her way to Street Fighter V. The newest addition to the ever-expanding roster is the mysterious Falke. The game maker designed her to be "an alternative clone for M. Bison", and her story is threaded into the franchise's story even though she is a brand-new character. This connection gives the pairing a brother and sister-esque relationship, which spells trouble for the fighters stood in their path of destruction. She is the third new character for the third season of Street Fighter 5. After being experimented on by Shadaloo she's come out of the process with powerful fighting techniques and of course the ability to use M. Bison's famed psycho power energy.

Capcom has confirmed that Falke, the next DLC fighter for Street Fighter V, will be available from April 24. Falke will be followed by Cody, Sagat and the weird looking G at a later date. The second is "Psycho Feder", or "Air, in which Falke fires diagonally downward from up in the air".

Like Ed, some of Falke's special moves only require either two punch or two kick buttons - no special inputs required. The character stores her Psycho Power until the player releases the punch button, when she releases her power in one of three ways.

In terms of gameplay, she utilizes Psycho Power to fight, but has the unique ability to channel it through objects, mainly her staff. The third method is "Psycho Kanonen", or "Crouching", in which she lies on the ground and shoots something at her opponent's feet. Psycho Trombe on its own can be cancelled into by a variety of normal moves and can also be used to absorb projectiles.

Falke extends one arm and spins her staff in front of her.

Finally, Falke's Critical Art is called Psycho Fluegel and, on hit, will launch enemies into the air, make her pole vault up to them and then knock them about with her staff. Her Psycho Kugel lets her release Psycho Power through Harmony while standing, as though it were a gun. As expected from a Critical Art, it's over the top and flashy.

Street Fighter V's Falke Previewed in Introduction Video