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SpaceX Shows off New Composite Tooling for BFR Rocket

16 April 2018

Launching rockets into space isn't an easy endeavor.

This morning, SpaceX launches a Falcon 9 rocket carrying NASA's most powerful telescope (for science - but also to find aliens).

Sixty days after the launch and following tests of its instruments, the satellite will begin its initial two-year mission.

In a series of tweets, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk called out the popular party accoutrements as components in his plan to reuse rocket parts after a launch. Pictured: Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX CRS-14 Mission.

If anyone else proposed this idea they would be ignored, but Elon Musk lately has a way of turning insane ideas into reality. As for Musk's comments about landing rocket parts on a bouncy house, it's possible that he is just making a joke, but a floating barge with soft surface is not out of the realm of possibility. As PCMag reported, the task requires landing engines, heat shield, and other equipment, which, in theory, might increase the mass of the stage and spoil the whole recovery attempt.

A giant balloon is "great for creating a giant object that retains its shape across all Mach regimes & drops ballistic coefficient by 2 orders of magnitude", Musk wrote.

Well, Musk has answers, but not answers we can understand.

In any case, if Musk and SpaceX do follow through with this plan, we're certain it will be glorious to watch.

To date, SpaceX has successfully landed Falcon 9 first stages 23 times and re-flown 11 of them.

SpaceX Shows off New Composite Tooling for BFR Rocket