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National Football League to prohibit 10 helmet models due to player safety

16 April 2018

According to The MMQB reporter Albert Breer, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are among the players who have worn a helmet now on the prohibited list.

Rawlings brand models did particularly poorly, and a footnote at the bottom of the poster notes that all Rawlings models are prohibited for NFL player use; the company stopped making football helmets over two years ago.

Of the 10 prohibited helmets, six will be prohibited immediately while the other four will be allowed for players who wore them in 2017, but not for anyone new.

In all, 34 helmet models were tested; a survey showed that one of the 34 are used by at least 98 percent of players in the NFL.

The goal of the annual study, according to the joint release, is to determine which helmets best reduce head impact severity under laboratory conditions simulating concussion-causing impacts sustained by National Football League players during games.

The NFL has been ranking helmets based on laboratory testing, for four years.

According to, about 200 players will be affected.

"We've begun to see that over the last couple of years, players [are] moving from helmets that rank in the poorly-performing areas to those that are ranging closer to the top-performing helmets", he said. "It's an important step for player safety".

"The goal of continuing to rank the helmets, and the objective of the joint decision to prohibit certain helmets this year, is to increase that continued movement into better-performing helmets". Chiefs beat writer Terez Paylor wrote about the helmets and Vicis, the Seattle-based company crafting them, last year.

Inside the helmet contains a layer of vertical columns that bend upon impact, which helps to absorb the collision and protect the player.

Brady's wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, said in a 2017 interview that the quarterback had unreported concussions and she anxious about his long-term health. All testing procedures and analysts were agreed upon by the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

The NFL and NFLPA released this posted on Monday, with the results of safety testing done on numerous helmets.

National Football League to prohibit 10 helmet models due to player safety