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McKinnon's 'Laura Ingraham' Details New Advertisers on SNL

16 April 2018

"This week, Red Lobster, Blue Apron and Slim Fast joined the advertiser boycott against Fox News host Laura Ingraham", segment co-host Colin Jost began, "after she mocked Parkland survivor David Hogg for getting rejected from four colleges". He responded by calling for a boycott of her show, and Ingraham lost more than a dozen advertisers, including Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Hulu, Jenny Craig, Ruby Tuesday and Miracle-Ear.

McKinnon's Ingraham joined Colin Jost on Weekend Update to talk about the "planned" vacation she took after mocking gun control advocate/school shooting survivor David Hogg.

One new sponsor was "Carl's Senior, leftover Carl's Junior food ground to mulch for old people".

"How about Malaysian Airlines, caught in a scandal and need an escape?"

The final sponsor namedropped by Ingraham was Cream Soda. "You got the white one, baby". Or how about Shkreli's Jelly?

Fox News has defended Ingraham. "She's back on our show after a forced hiatus - here to comment is Laura Ingraham".

McKinnon's version of Ingraham had similar thoughts. Not because what she said wasn't bad-it was-but because she's always been an obnoxious troll who attacks and insults people while clutching her pearls and yelling about the First Amendment every time she's been criticized. "After spewing venom for decades, Twitter suddenly has made me accountable?"

"The important thing is I'm back", she continued. "Why don't you just watch the show and find out what that's going to be?"

McKinnon's 'Laura Ingraham' Details New Advertisers on SNL