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Donald Trump's campaign raises $10 million, spends big on legal bills

16 April 2018

And despite the president waging a war against Amazon in his tweets, Trump's campaign made about 20 different purchases from the online retailer worth almost $2,000 combined.

More than one-fifth of the $3.9 million that President Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign has spent this year has gone to legal fees, the campaign's latest quarterly Federal Election Commission filing shows. His effort spent $3 million in 20 17.

In addition to payments to Harder, the Trump campaign also paid a little more than $186,000 this year to New York-based law firm of LaRocca, Hornick, Rosen, Greenberg and Blaha.

Daniels filed a lawsuit in March seeking to invalidate a 2016 agreement to keep secret a decade-old alleged sexual encounter with Trump in exchange for $130,000.

Using campaign funds to pay for the president's mounting legal fees related to Daniels and the Russian Federation investigation means that the money small-dollar donors are giving to the president's campaign isn't all going toward traditional reelection efforts like ads, campaign staff payroll, and fundraising.

The money was divided up between at least eight different firms and the Trump Corporation, according to an analysis from Buzzfeed.

President Trump's campaign has raised $10.1 million so far this year, and has stockpiled more than $28 million in available cash for a re-election campaign that is more than two years away.

Federal prosecutors on Friday disclosed that Cohen has been the subject of a months-long criminal probe overseen by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan.

That was a big increase over the last quarter of 2017, when the three committees together raised $12.5 million. In first quarter of 2018, 61 percent of the direct contributions to his campaign committee came from donations of $200 or less.

The Trump committee also paid almost $1.7 million for digital consulting and online advertising services to Parscale Strategy LLC, the firm of Brad Parscale, Trump's 2020 campaign manager.

About $125,000 was spent by the campaign at Trump-owned businesses, hotels and restaurants.

Johnny McEntee, Trump's former personal assistant who was forced out when he couldn't be get security clearance, was hired by the campaign in March. McEntee was sacked from the White House amid a Department of Homeland Security investigation into possible financial crimes, a source told CNN after he was dismissed.

Donald Trump's campaign raises $10 million, spends big on legal bills