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Zuckerberg Testimony Doesn't Change Our View on Facebook

15 April 2018

Over two days, nearly 10 hours.

Laidlaw said while she doesn't agree with most of Zuckerberg's statements during the hearing so far, she agrees with him on this.

None of that excuses Facebook's data control and privacy problems that have been exposed to the world in recent weeks. They are, instead, asking for more transparency.

Zuckerberg: I do not know off the top of my head. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg apologized to United States lawmakers Tuesday for the leak of personal data on tens of millions of users as he faced a day of reckoning before a Congress mulling regulation of the global social media giant.In his first-ever U.S. congressional appearance, the Facebook founder and chief executive sought to quell the storm over privacy and security lapses at the social network that have angered lawmakers and Facebook's two billion users. Toma's research has found that when people spend five minutes viewing their own Facebook profile, their feelings of self-worth are boosted. When asked if Facebook collects data on people who don't use the social network, Zuckerberg replied, "In general we collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook for security purposes".

Zuckerberg was answering a question from Eshoo when he informed lawmakers about his personal data, a reference to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has rocked his company over the past several weeks.

Facebook remains dominant, with more than 2 billion global monthly active users on the core platform, 800 million active users of Instagram and 1.5 billion people on WhatsApp.

"Was there a directive to put a bias in [the algorithms]?"

Embedded in Zuckerberg's example is a reminder that some Facebook users are more valuable than others, in terms of their potential to generate ad revenue. It's not clear what that regulation would look like and Zuckerberg didn't offer any specifics. If someone created an algorithm that unfairly filtered certain political views, was there any kind of punishment? Not bad for those who have done absolutely nothing is it?

Zuckerberg said it would take "many months" to complete an audit of other apps that might also have improperly gathered or shared users' data.

But for those aged 13-18, or maybe 21, what happens in those oh-so-delicate years should be protected by tighter rules, Senator Ed Markey suggested.

"I was really desperate about thinking how to make the best possible campaign for GDPR so now this is well done, so thank you Mr Zuckerberg", the EU's justice and consumer affairs commissioner Vera Jourova told reporters in Brussels this week. There were dozens of unanswered or follow-up questions that the executive promised his team would respond to later, and some of his talking points aren't likely to hold up to future analysis.

Media captionHighlights from Mark Zuckerberg's day on Capitol Hill 5) How many "like" and "share" buttons are out there?

Facebook is working to fix its broken reputation following the ongoing investigation related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

And, we also covered Facebook on Facebook. To regain the public's trust, Facebook has been rolling out new tools and phasing out others.

Facebook representatives continue to wait for a response. The CEO added that Facebook could only record audio as part of a video that's being filmed and uploaded by users.

The Facebook chief "had always said the opposite, that it was going to kill the internet", said Viviane Reding, the centre-right European Parliament member who initiated the GDPR when she was a European commissioner in 2012.

Zuckerberg Testimony Doesn't Change Our View on Facebook