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The new Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro can't connect to the internet

14 April 2018

Samsung has made the Galaxy J2 pro officially official, a smartphone that can't connect to the internet.

As said, J2 Pro will not have any Internet connectivity adapters.

At a price of $190 and limited availability in South Korea, this phone probably will not be one of Samsung's best-selling models but it is interesting to see that, in 2018, Samsung chose to release the first smartphone in the world without an Internet connection. Well, that's true, but feature phones come with smaller screens, and a phone with bigger screen would be ideal for aged people as they often have issues reading what's written in smaller fonts. The idea is that this phone will be aimed at students who don't want the distractions (or parents who don't want their kids to be distracted) and the elderly who might be overwhelmed by all the features you might expect from a standard smartphone.

Furthermore, this smartphone can also be useful to students who have a tough time concentrating on studies when they have a smartphone with Internet connectivity lying around them. It will come preinstalled with apps such as an offline dictionary.

The Galaxy J2 Pro features a 5-inch qHD AMOLED display, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 1.5GB of RAM, a microSD card slot, and a battery that measures in at 2600mAh. We will probably see such devices in the future from other manufacturers, as well, if the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro experiment proves to be a success. Yes, it means that this smartphone is only available in Samsung's home country South Korea. It will retail in South Korea - and South Korea only - for 200,000 won (about $190).

The new Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro can't connect to the internet