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IRS warning taxpayers to not fall victim to "ghost" preparers

14 April 2018

To apply for an extension in nearly all cases, you must file IRS Form 4868 prior to the April 17th filing date.

If you filed electronically and are sending a paper check payment and payment voucher Form CT-1040V, do not send an additional photo-copy of your return. "Time is running out for people who haven't filed tax returns to claim their refunds". The caller may state that a refund was mistakenly paid and needs to be returned. This money is critical to be able to provide essential services to our residents, workers and visitors.

Why? One common explanation is that March 1, 1914, was a year and some change after the institution of the 16th Amendment, which cemented Congress's power to collect income tax upon its ratification in February 1913. It does not work that way in real life.

"We haven't done that for years", Guse said.

The company derived income from any US source if the resulting tax obligations haven't been fully met by withholding at the source, regardless of whether the company was engaged in business activities within the U.S.

The Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento will process more than 18-million returns this tax season.

Examples of really bad ideas: Forgetting your spouse's birthday or your anniversary, do-it-yourself brain surgery, and forgetting to file your federal tax return or pay your federal taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service has shifted toward issue-specific enforcement practices for its Large Business and International Division, built around 13 initial "compliance campaigns."

Right now, there are approximately 1,315 outstanding arrest warrants for those who owe income tax money.

The agency has pushed for better service after being blasted for its poor record in the past - though IRS leaders say they do have to make choices between spending on better cybersecurity, combatting identity theft and improving customer relations. In other words, its profits are taxed as personal income, and the owners are directly responsible for that tax obligation.

But Lee then posits that the recent selloff in bitcoin (down 28% in the past month, down 54% in 2018) is fueled by people selling crypto in order to get liquid funds to pay taxes on their 2017 crypto gains.

So, how do I file for a tax extension?

Further, not only are so many respondents utilize their tax refunds for repaying credit card debt, but they are tapping into a serious proportion of their total refund amounts.

In order to continue to improve our services, replace and fix our aging infrastructure and provide quality programs to visitors and residents alike, we need to ensure that we are collecting all available revenue. It takes all of us.

IRS warning taxpayers to not fall victim to