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Google Might Be Testing iPhone X-Style Gestures in Android P

14 April 2018

However, the counterpart Apple has replaced the navigations across the United States with gestures in the iPhone X. The experience, which appears to come in the form of gesture navigation, has been revealed by none other Google itself. As you can see below, the home button is now shaped like a white pill or bar, indicating you might not have to tap the home button anymore.

In a screenshot posted to the Android Developers blog (and since adjusted to hide part of the user interface), the navigation bar takes on a whole new look, with a back button, a wider button, and no Overview (multitasking) button.

Google released the first developer preview of Android P over a month ago, and, the second developer preview of Android P is scheduled for release next month. This could mean that the changes spotted weren't supposed to be shared yet. They were later replaced by capacitive touch buttons, which later were replaced by home screen navigation buttons. It could also be that this back button is only being shown during internal testing for Googlers and may not be present in the public release.

Although nothing's been confirmed, the design of the nav bar suggests that Google may be trying to mimic Apple and introduce a gesture-based navigation system to Android. However, it nowhere shows creativity for the search giant to implement a feature that was initially deployed by one of its closest rivals.

We need to wait for sometime to get more clarity on how Google will add gesture controls on Android P. In the meantime, we can expect the arrival of more such developments that will eventually highlight what's next in the world of Android.

Google Might Be Testing iPhone X-Style Gestures in Android P