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Facebook Messenger will add 'unsend' feature since it deleted Zuckerberg's messages

11 April 2018

Facebook has revealed it's planning to roll out an "unsend" feature for its Messenger service that previously only Mark Zuckerberg had access to.

Messages from the tech company CEO and his executives to others' inboxes on his platform were deleted so that the recipients can no longer see them, TechCrunch reported Thursday.

The EU's top data official will demand more answers from the social media giant next week. As a result it's likely to take some time for the full facts to come out. "We should have done this sooner - and we're sorry that we did not". But Constine reports that Facebook "hasn't finalized exactly how the unsend feature will work".

To get authorized by Facebook, "advertisers will need to confirm their identity and location", the statement said.

It has already required political ads to verify who is paying for them and where the advertiser is located.

Cambridge Analytica has said that it engaged Kogan "in good faith" to collect Facebook data in a manner similar to how other third-party app developers have harvested personal information.

Moscow has denied the allegations.

The move is meant to clamp down on fake pages and accounts that were used to disrupt the 2016 presidential elections in the US.

The groups maintain there is little users can do to prevent images of their faces from being in a social media system like Facebook's.

"Election interference is a problem that's bigger than any one platform, and that's why we support the Honest Ads Act", Zuckerberg said.

"I think we were very idealistic and not rigorous enough and then there's the possible misuse".

Whether or not you pay much attention to the stock market, you probably couldn't help but notice headlines today about Facebook, Inc. shares dropping dramatically due to issues involving user privacy.

Two people familiar with the plan told her, on condition of anonymity, that Facebook had approached hospitals and health organisations such as Stanford Medical School and the American College of Cardiology.

The recent Cambridge scandal has not put Facebook in the best light, and allowing users to unsend messages would be a step towards a bit more privacy for Facebook users.

And earlier this week, Zuckerberg said the number of users impacted by the data scandal may be as high as 87 million, well above the previous estimate of 50 million.

"When we received word that this researcher gave the data to Cambridge Analytica, they assured us it was deleted", she said.

Facebook Messenger will add 'unsend' feature since it deleted Zuckerberg's messages