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USA officials deny reports of U.S. strike on Syria

09 April 2018

The Syrian air defense system acted against the attack, destroying eight missiles before they reached their target, while others have hit the base, it said.

The Russian Defence Ministry on Monday said that Israel was behind the attack, adding it fired eight missiles at the airbase.

Citing a military source, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said the attack had caused an unspecified number of deaths and injuries.

As global officials worked to try to confirm the chemical attack, Trump directly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with the assault.

Whitehall sources confirmed the United Kingdom was "not ruling anything out nor in" but acknowledged there were "political issues" around securing parliamentary support for British involvement after MPs voted against strikes following a chemical attack in 2013.

But the US Department of Defence said in a statement: "At this time, the Department of Defence is not conducting airstrikes in Syria".

"However, we continue to closely watch the situation and to hold those who use chemical weapons, in Syria and otherwise, accountable".

The Syrian hemisphere for Individual Rights, which monitors the battle from Syria by Britain through contacts on earth, stated that 14 persons were murdered in the strikes on the atmosphere foundation, including fighters out of "Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities". In a series of tweets, Trump held Russian Federation and Iran, Syrian President Bashar Assad's chief sponsors, responsible. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world.

"By striking [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] and his Iranian allies just a day after Trump warned them of the price they would pay".

The Syrian government launched an air and ground assault on Douma, the last rebel-held town in the eastern Ghouta district, on Friday.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Trump by telephone and the two agreed they would work together to establish clear responsibility for what Macron's office said they had agreed was a confirmed chemical attack.

President Trump said the attack was meant to deter further Syrian use of illegal weapons.

The alleged attack in the town of Douma occurred late on Saturday amid a resumed offensive by Syrian government forces after the collapse of a truce with the Army of Islam rebel group.

Syria denies ever using chemical weapons during the war and says it eliminated its chemical arsenal under a 2013 agreement brokered by the US and Russian Federation. Other images showed piles of bodies inside homes or slumped in concrete stairwells, foam visible on their noses and mouths.

Saturday's suspected poison gas attack on the besieged town of Douma came nearly exactly a year after the US missile attack prompted by the Khan Sheikhoun deaths. The European Union also said evidence pointed to the use of chemical weapons by Assad's forces. The U.N. Security Council planned to hold an emergency meeting Monday to discuss the chemical attack.

USA officials deny reports of U.S. strike on Syria