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Italy's League seeks stable government, hopes for 5-Star deal

06 April 2018

The first round of government formation talks has failed to produce a workable majority, Italian President Sergio Mattarella told the nation in a live statement on Thursday.

Italy's far-right League wants to forge a stable government with its centre-right allies, and is looking to work with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, League leader Matteo Salvini said on Thursday.

The Italian election last month delivered two relative winners: a center-right bloc led by the right-wing, anti-immigrant League party, which also includes former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's moderate Forza Italia party, and the populist Euroskeptic Five Star Movement.

But "if we want a lasting government, we should involve the Five Star".

He said he would seek meetings with Salvini and Democratic Party leader Maurizio Martina to determine where there was the most convergence on programs, adding that he wanted to negotiate with a future partner a formal, signed coalition agreement as is traditionally done in Germany. "You don't need a scientist to see that any other solution would be improvised and makeshift", he said.

Earlier, Martina, the leader of Democratic Party said the center-left bloc would not play any role in Italy's new government.

Salvini warned that if nobody makes concessions "there will be no [new] government and the only solution, which we obviously are not rooting for, but do not rule out, is [new] elections".

Salvini and Di Maio's parties see eye-to-eye on challenging European Union budget discipline rules, reversing recent PD-backed pension and school reforms, cutting politicians' perks, curbing immigration and abolishing European Union sanctions on Russian Federation.

Italy's League seeks stable government, hopes for 5-Star deal