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'Affluenza teen' set to be released from jail

02 April 2018

A Texan who was dubbed the "affluenza teen" is due to be released from jail on Monday (Apr 2) after serving almost two years for killing four people while driving drunk and later fleeing to Mexico with his mother.

Ethan Couch, the young Texas man at the center of the so-called affluenza case, was released from jail this morning.

His mother is in jail for violating her the terms of her bond after being charged with helping her son flee to Mexico and Couch's father, who runs a sheet metal business, has not replied to requests for comment.

"The 720 days Ethan Couch served for his crimes shows that drunk driving homicides still aren't treated as the violent crimes that they are", the organization said in a statement.

A psychologist said Couch suffered from an affluent upbringing and could not tell right from wrong.

A judge originally sentenced him to probation, but he ended up violating that and was in prison the last two years as a result.

Once free, he'll be required to wear an ankle monitor that will also test for alcohol.

Couch and his mother took off for Mexico.

Couch's mother is now facing charges of money laundering and hindering apprehension of a felon for helping her son flee to Mexico.

Couch was 16 and had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit for an adult when he struck and killed four people in June 2013 with his pickup truck.

Hollie Boyles, and daughter, Shelby, had left their home to help Breanna Mitchell, whose SUV had broken down.

'Affluenza teen' set to be released from jail