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Watch Will Smith's Date With Robot Sophia

30 March 2018

Well, Will Smith kind of went on a date with Sophia, the Hanson Robotics humanoid robot that (or is it "who"?) debuted in 2015, and it didn't go very well. Smith posted a video of their artificial date to his YouTube page on Thursday.

We've all got free will to go out on a date with anyone, don't we? In the video, Smith attempts to make conversation with the robot, but Sophia can't seem to get past Smith's treatment of robots during in the film I, Robot. One little fight and the robots will freak out and say, "We're just gonna wipe out all biological life on the planet". Whatever charms the typically smooth Smith is trying to use on her fall completely flat, with Sophia even mentioning that she is aware of how he has treated robots in his movies. "I have heard your songs".

She then informed him she was "actually made mostly of silicone, plastics and carbon fiber", before stating, "also I prefer electronic music but I don't mind Eighties hip hop".

While Sophia only has 62 facial expressions and limited ability to gauge human emotions, she was unimpressed by Smith. "I think we can be friends".

'You're on my friends list now, ' she added with a wink.

At the end of the faux date, Smith gave a little more insight into Sophia. In his defense, there might be a development flaw in her circuitry which prevented their kiss from going the distance.

"I wanted to meet you for a really, really long time", he told Sophia.

Watch Will Smith's Date With Robot Sophia