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Trump says could 'hold up' Korea trade deal for NK issue

30 March 2018

China commended the two sides for their efforts to improve ties.

On a subsequent visit to the United States, South Korean envoys brokered a potential meeting between Kim and President Donald Trump, who said he would meet the North Korean leader by May.

Still, Moon's office, which abhors the prospect of military action against the North, says negotiations are the only realistic approach. "But we'll probably hold that deal up for a little while, see how it all plays out", Trump said. The South Korean public is wary of the idea, given the stark difference in the countries' economic development. This agreement is a positive step forward for American manufacturers, service providers, and farmers.

"If it's no good, we're walking". Moon "discussed reaching out to North Korea and going back to the days of the Sunshine Policy of his progressive predecessors - Kim Dae Jung [and] Roh Moon Hyun".

A source with a strong grasp of U.S.

Analysts have doubts that the expanded access to South Korea will pay off for the American auto industry.

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA): "Thank you, @realDonaldTrump & @USTradeRep!"

Trade Promotion Authority was last passed by Congress in 2015.

The two countries had a big incentive to reach a deal and ease friction over trade.

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon said that setting a date for the summit was a priority in the talks
Trump says could 'hold up' Korea trade deal for NK issue

Some conservative groups went further, criticizing the new deal for reducing free trade. "We'll see what happens", he said.

House Ways and Means Committee Majority: "Congratulations to POTUS @realDonaldTrump and @USTradeRep Lighthizer for a successful agreement on #KORUS". "And I want to make sure everyone is treated fairly", Trump said. Korea has always been an important trading partner for US agriculture and now ranks as our 6th-highest value market.

In that regard, experts speculate that North Korea's Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Yong-ho plans to visit Moscow next month to talk about a possible summit between North Korea and Russian Federation.

Speaking on infrastructure in Ohio, Trump highlighted the recently completed renegotiation of the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement.

Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-NE): "South Korea is home to some of Nebraska's best customers and investors...."

Trump had called the original Korea accord a job killer.

But the deal didn't tackle a number of other issues, including agricultural restrictions that could be meaningful for the American farmers, service-sector-related reforms that would boost a major part of the US economy, or digital issues, Huffbauer added. "Let's now focus on our important security relationship". Trump returned to the White House on Sunday shortly before CBS' "60 Minutes" aired its interview with porn actress Stormy Daniels, who says the married Trump had sex with her in his Lake Tahoe hotel room in 2006. South Korea expected "to proceed with documentation and legal review through consultations with the USA during April" and sign the new deal when the process was complete, the Blue House said in a text message. Negotiators brought home significant concessions without giving ground. It is also the second-largest cheese market in the world.

The goal is to educate administration officials and Congressional members how retaliatory tariffs could result in job losses and decreased market access for USA farm products. KORUS was a bad trade agreement right from the start. In 2016, the United States exported 16,400 passenger vehicles. "The quotas that the USTR has obtained should provide meaningful and lasting relief".

Trump says could 'hold up' Korea trade deal for NK issue