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Robbie Williams opens up about his mental health battle

30 March 2018

It's been so close so many times.

The Angels singers even revealed that he'd been close to death more than a few times, and even compared himself to the late, great George Michael who passed away on Christmas Day in 2016.

Robbie Williams has spoken candidly about his mental health issues, saying he has a "disease" that wants to kill him. "My left arm went numb and I couldn't stop dribbling out of the side of my mouth", he told The Sun in December. "Now it's different. I turn on the TV and people are talking about these things all the time, and it's more accepted". It's been a very similar roller-coaster, yes. He was a humble pop star for a euphoric version of George Michael's Freedom "90; a reflective boy-band alumnus duringTake That's Never Forget; and an old romantic in the crooner classic Somethin" Stupid and She's The One. "It was just a awful year", Williams said, "all of everybody's heroes disappear, you're realising you're not immortal and never more so than being 43 having two kids".

He's now in Australia for The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour, which has so far gone through the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Opening up to The Sun, he said: 'Fortunately and unfortunately, left to my own devices, I'm inclined to sabotage everything.

"Sometimes it overwhelms me and sometimes it's a tool I need to get on stage". 'Sometimes I live in bliss and it's wonderful. Those struggles range from stage fright to anxiety about his weight and other areas of his life.

His drug intake included prescription drugs, speed, acid, heroin and cocaine.

Despite a hugely successful career, Robbie - who has been married to Ayda Field for eight years - admitted he's only "human" when it comes to dealing with the "trials and tribulations" in his head.

As much as thoughts of suicide have plagued him throughout the decades, his health scare a year ago when doctors found abnormalities on his brain have made him significantly reassess his life. "There wasn't anything really in the media to describe what I was going through or how I was feeling". "I couldn't get a full breath".