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Thousands join nationwide gun control rally in Houston

25 March 2018

"When I was in second grade, I had to learn how to barricade the door and where to hide if there's a shooter in the school", Cora read into the microphone.

"Even if something doesn't happen now at least we're putting our minds and our thoughts out there so people can actually get it", said Mahogany Rich.

"I think guns are dumb". "We should feel safe at school, when we're walking, or on the bus to school". Asher vowed to continue fighting so younger kids don't ever have to experience a school shooting. "I'm freezing and I see people who are older than me and they're okay and I'm thinking, What?" "Adults should have noticed this a long time ago".

"We don't want anymore innocent people who are just living their day-to-day lives and going to school to be killed", Clingham-David said. "I'm going to work for this".

But Cheryl Biller, leader of the North Dakota chapter, said local offshoots became active more recently, especially following the February 14 school shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland, Fla.

J'TA Freeman, a junior at Bishop McNamara High School, told those gathered at St. Patrick's that she experienced gun violence at age 4, when "somebody brutally murdered my uncle".

It's expected to draw tens of thousands of people today to the streets of Washington, D.C.

Gun violence was fresh for some who watched the speakers in Washington: Ayanne Johnson of Great Mills High School in Maryland held a sign declaring, "I March for Jaelynn", honoring Jaelynn Willey, who died Thursday two days after being shot by a classmate at the school. To reach the microphone at the end of her speech, Cora stood on her tiptoes. "And we are in front".

She was one of about 5,000 people who participated in a march from the city's Roxbury neighborhood to downtown, where police estimated 100,000 people - many of them students - had gathered.

But what struck me on that snow day was that school children in the U.S. seem to better protected from snow than from bullets as the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, demonstrated.

Schools across the Washington area closed for a "snow day" two days ago because the driving conditions were deemed to risky for the public school buses that bring children to their schools. We are here with the same amount of passion and concern as we had from the beginning. You have commanded that we make no idol before you, Oh God. After the Parkland shooting, the state legislature briefly delayed but still went forward with a law to allow carrying concealed guns at amusement parks, bars, casinos, churches and day-care centers, as well as on the campuses of colleges and universities if their boards agree.

Nancy DePastino, founder of Montana's chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, also spoke, announcing her decision to run for office. "It's a conceptual art project that I started in protest to the epidemic of gun violence in this country", Lin said.

"It's not about us trying to take people's rights away it's about all these deaths i'm more concerned with children dying", Justice Richardson said. We've grown up with people teaching us what to do when there's a gun - on the street, at school, at the movies, at a concert. We have seen enough examples to know that a black boy who holds only skills and fear will be seen as a thug. "We want to make progress".

"So what they need to do is immediate, sensible gun control reforms - like strengthen our background checks, assault rifle ban".

"We need to be doing everything we can right now in terms of school safety", Holcomb said Monday.

"We are here to protect our children". The gun violence at schools and elsewhere "is just so terrible", Krauss said.

"A lot of the musical theater majors got together and decided how we could show our support and we decided on a walk out and march to the Hays County courthouse" Corkum said.

Gottlieb predicted his generation will make history.

Thousands join nationwide gun control rally in Houston