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Bills' Zay Jones has felony vandalism charges dropped

24 March 2018

Isaiah "Zay" Jones, the Buffalo Bills wide receiver who earlier this week was arrested for felony vandalism, won't be charged.

Los Angeles prosecutors say they are declining to bring charges against Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones, days after a naked, bloody argument with his brother.

Jones was released from the hospital on Wednesday but it remains unclear if he suffered any injuries after reportedly smashing his foot through a window during Monday's incident. According to a charge evaluation sheet, the lack of sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jones acted "with malice", played a part in prosecutors' reluctance. In what must be completely unrelated, the damages also cost around $20,000.

Yesterday afternoon Jones' father Robert, a former National Football League player himself, also took to twitter to give fans an update. Cayleb took to twitter earlier this week after video footage of the freakish incident surfaced, tweeting, "I am my brothers keeper".

The brothers' father, Robert Jones, also shared an update about the Bills star, thanking the public for their well-wishes and noting his son is "gonna be fine!"

Neither the National Football League nor the Bills have said whether they plan to discipline Jones for his exhibition. We are still in the process of gathering more information on the matter.

Bills' Zay Jones has felony vandalism charges dropped