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Substitute Teacher Fired After Body-Slamming 12-Year-Old Boy

22 March 2018

Escudero told the local news station that the substitute teacher confiscated a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day and threw it in the sink.

A teacher has been fired from a North Carolina school for body slamming a 12-year-old student in an assault captured on video and posted to Facebook.

Although the authorities have been notified about the incident, they have yet to issue an arrest warrant for the North Carolina substitute teacher, as the video only captures the last few moments of the incident.

The video was posted to Facebook by the student's mother, who claimed her son had been suspended for seven days over the incident. The teacher tried to stop him and grabbed him by his shirt.

Apparently, it was a struggle for the Substitute to get it back, so the teacher ended up usisng extra force by grabbing and pinning him against the wall and also throwing him over his shoulder to the ground.

After the incident, Escudero was left with bruises on his shoulder, elbow, and back.

Guilford County Schools' spokeswoman Tina Firesheets said the substitute teacher involved in the incident is no longer working for the Guilford County Schools district.

When the five-second clip begins, it shows the student is already being held up in the air by the teacher - so it is unclear how the confrontation began.

The teacher can be seen slamming Escudero to the ground in a brief cell phone video while students scream in the background. Both Escudero and his mom say they now plan to take legal action against both the school and teacher.

Susan Danielsen, Public Information Officer for the Greensboro Police Department told "We are still interviewing people so it would be premature to place any charges at this time".

According to Nora Carr, the Guildford County Schools' Chief of Staff, the event which featured Stennett and Jose Escudero, his 12-year-old student, occurred this Wednesday but was not discovered until Friday when the boy's mother begun criticizing Stennett's teaching methods.