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Ramaphosa signs historic African Free Trade Agreement

22 March 2018

The Presidency tweeted on Wednesday that the signing of the declaration by Ramaphosa is subject to the conclusion of all outstanding issues that form an integral part of the agreement.

Ramaphosa and other African heads of state and business leaders are in the Rwandan capital for the tenth extraordinary summit of the African Continental Free Trade.

The tee agreement is reported to have the potential to create a unified market of $1.2-billion and a GDP of over $25-trillion.

South Africa is one of 44 African countries to sign a declaration on establishing a free trade region in Africa.

"So, this was a great opportunity to confirm that South Africa and Zimbabwe are joined at the hip and will find clever ways of growing our economies and co-operate on matters of trade, matters of finding various projects that we can work together on", Ramaphosa was quoted as saying.

From dotting the i's and crossing the t's, suggesting a single African currency, and mending relations with Rwanda, President Cyril Ramaphosa and worldwide relations minister Lindiwe Sisulu look set to lead South African foreign policy in a different direction. "We thus consider this matter of visas as solved", he said.

"So we are really going the clean up process of ensuring that everybody is on board". The agreement therefore is very much alive, it's not dead in the water.

Ramaphosa said in a letter to Moyane that under his leadership there had been a deterioration in public confidence in the agency and that public finances had been "compromised".

Nigeria President Muhammad Buhari did not even attend the Summit after withdrawing from signing the trade agreement and said his government needed to do more consultation despite his Cabinet adopting it last week.

Ramaphosa signs historic African Free Trade Agreement