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Windows 10 SDK Preview build 17115 is now available

14 March 2018

This feature is available in the Windows 10 Enterprise edition and must be turned on. Possibly, it also applies to organizations that use patch management software to control the arrival of Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs with Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) improvements.

Due to issues with old AV software, Microsoft previously blocked these security updates for some users. The techniques, considered to be a widespread problem for computer users, exploit the normal "speculative execution" processes of CPUs. With this latest round of updates, all of Microsoft's [currently supported] operating systems are hardened against any known Meltdown threats. We have made the start process lighter and faster, which will provide our users with a better experience when accessing Microsoft Edge in Windows Defender Application Guard.

The Meltdown and Spectre issues apply to both Linux and Windows OSes. This time, the latest details come directly from Microsoft itself.

In addition, Microsoft has expanded its catalog of Intel-validated microcode updates for Spectre and Meltdown.

Typically, original equipment manufacturers first test these microcode updates before making them publicly available. A list of Microsoft's approved microcode for specific Intel processors can be found in Knowledge Base article KB4093836, by clicking on the internal link to "KB4090007 Intel". Microsoft recommends users to install the updates as soon as possible since this update comes with importance fixes required for improving your system's performance. It's not clear what to search for in the catalog, though.

Microsoft has updated the overview page for Windows 10 which mentions the April release date for the upcoming software update and also reveals its plans to support the OS version until October next year.

Windows 10 SDK Preview build 17115 is now available