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The Flash: Fans Haven't Figured Out Mystery Girl's Identity

14 March 2018

The scene shows Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) testing out her newfound speed powers in the Speed Lab, to the surprise of Team Flash.

Many fans have theorized that the character, who first showed up during Barry and Iris' wedding during the first episode of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, is in fact Dawn Allen, the time-displaced daughter of Barry and Iris from the comics. The character shared an unusual amount of enthusiasm when meeting the couple but never gave her name. "I don't think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is".

The current season of The Flash has featured 3 brief appearances by an unidentified woman portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy. While talking about the theories that fans have put forward in the past, he said, "Every year there's theories all over the place about what we're doing and some of them get pretty close, some of them they hit like one part of it but they don't get other parts, so it's fun to read". The young woman noted that the wedding would be "one for the ages". And, to further complicate matters, she's popped up in a few episodes of The Flash in the time since. In what's likely a one-off scenario, she will be Central City's new speedster, while Barry takes a back seat to the action. Are viewers in for another appearance from the Mystery Girl? As such, the prevailing theories are that she's either their daughter, Dawn Allen, or their granddaughter, Jenni Ognats.

Also remaining unknown is whether or not the character is a hero or a villain. A version of her costume will be worn by Iris when she gains Barry's speed in this week's episode. This time her focus was on Ralph and Cisco and later she was seen drawing symbols that have been seen in previous episodes of this season as well. Now that she's met nearly all other members of team Flash, we're waiting for her identity to be revealed soon. All that's left for her to meet is Joe (Jesse L. Martin).

The highly anticipated Flash episode "Run, Iris, Run" airs on The CW Tuesday, March 13 and we have some screen captures from the episode's trailer.

The Flash: Fans Haven't Figured Out Mystery Girl's Identity