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Google Maps gets new improvements regarding searching for Indian addresses

14 March 2018

India has over 300 million smartphone users, we are sending probes to the Moon and Mars, and our economy is only behind United States and China in terms of scale.

Once you get the Plus Code, you can share it with your friend or a delivery guy to reach you at the correct address. While Google Maps in itself has been a disruptor in thousands of industries, Google Plus Codes is going to be the next great thing that changes how people navigate in the developing world. This will be handy for users when they don't have a specific address.

"At Google Maps, our objective has always been about organizing all location-related information and making it more accessible and relevant for Indian users".

Additionally, users will now be able to submit new or missing addresses - residential as well as business, which will be made searchable after verification. In addition to this, a majority of addresses are hard to locate, especially those of people living in remote locations. "We are deeply committed to helping find solutions to these challenges". It also unveiled "Plus Codes" - a system based on dividing the geographical surface of the earth into tiny "tiled areas", attributing a unique code to each of them. This code comprises of 6 characters along with the name of the city; "6-character + City" format. The remaining 6-character code can help a person pin down to your exact location.

So, how do the Plus Codes work?

Plus Codes provide an easy way to identify nearly any place that exists on the earth, irrespective of the country or region.

For a given plus code, the first four characters narrow down the area search to a grid of around 100 x 100 kilometers.

One of the newnesses is the open sourced solution called Plus Codes.

Remembering the plus code for an area is much simpler than burning your brain circuits while recalling the satellite coordinates. The local code in such cases is combined with nearest city or town to make it simpler.

Plus Codes turns long addresses into 10-digit alpha-numeric codes, making it easier for users to share. An additional accuracy of up to 3 x 3 meters can be achieved. A complete plus code (also referred as global code) contains ten characters in total, with a '+' character before the last two characters.

To use a Plus Code, one needs to enter it into the Search field on Google or Google Maps, mobile or desktop. The features are mostly aimed at easing the efforts of the users when it comes to searching and sharing addresses. It doesn't have a house number or a street name. "Plus codes will now let you easily specify your destination", Sramek adds. Plus codes for any location can also be found with this tool.

The Plus Codes feature is already a part of the Google Maps, so you can begin using it to share addresses for even unmarked locations right away.

The ecosystem of location-based services is still evolving globally and any regulation introduced should be balanced to ensure that the pace of innovation is not impacted, a Google official today said.

Tap search and the Map will automatically show you the exact address as per the Plus Code.

Google Maps gets new improvements regarding searching for Indian addresses