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Apple and Ito World Strike Bike Sharing Data Deal

13 March 2018

For instance, the two shared bikes I see most in my San Francisco neighborhood are Ford Go Bikes and Jump bikes, but Apple Maps lists only Ford Go Bike locations. Apple Maps has been updated to include data from Ito World, which means it now knows where stations are for 176 bike share systems in 179 cities around the world.

To try the feature out for yourself, type "bike sharing" in the search field for the option to find out what's nearby.

However, given the limited number of cities now available, it's going to be far from a universal solution. Right now Apple Maps doesn't tell you the number of available bikes or empty docks.

As reported by TechCrunch, Apple was able to seamlessly include information for many bike sharing services by integrating the data from Ito World, instead of doing the work on its own. Some of the services now supported include Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, Santander Cycles in London, BIXI in Montreal, CityCycle in Brisbane, and nextbike in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, among many others.

Apple Maps has improved significantly in recent years after a disastrous launch in iOS 6.

Do you use bike-sharing services to get around new cities?

Apple and Ito World Strike Bike Sharing Data Deal