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Trump vetoed Miss Universe contestants for being 'too ethnic' or 'too dark-skinned'

10 March 2018

Paula Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe Organization, was apparently able to sometimes change Trump's mind about a contestant by telling him that "she was a princess and married to a football player", according to one staffer.

The celebrity real estate mogul, who ran the pageant from 1996 to 2015 had a special room backstage where he would review the judges' favorite participants a few days before the competition. Another Miss Universe staffer shared a similar story.

Another staffer alleged that Trump, 71, had a specific "type" such as 2012 victor Olivia Culpo and Dayanara Torres, who took home the crown in 1993, as well as 'East European women'.

The letter, written at a time when Trump was actively trying to promote his brand in Russian Federation, included a hand-scrawled addendum in which he expressed excitement about seeing "beautiful" women on his trip, several people familiar with the matter told the Washington Post. On occasion, according to this staffer, Trump would reject a woman "who had snubbed his advances". He also demanded unscented soap, rolled towels not folded ones and no "distracting" pictures on his walls.

The Daily Mail has quoted a number of contestants who took part and won in the pageant during Trump's years. The company also included British music executive Rob Goldstone, who in 2016 would reach out to Trump's eldest son, Don Jr., to convey a Russian lawyer wanted to have a meeting with him in the Trump Tower.

'It was clear the countries that he liked did well.

President TrumpDonald John TrumpAccuser says Trump should be afraid of the truth Woman behind pro-Trump Facebook page denies being influenced by Russians Shulkin says he has White House approval to root out "subversion" at VA MORE reportedly wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013 to personally invite him to the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

"Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss universe Pageant in November in Moscow", Trump tweeted on June 18, 2013.

Venezuela also donated $500,000 to Trump's inauguration fund, despite their economic turmoil, according to an April 2017 report from CNBC.

Trump vetoed Miss Universe contestants for being 'too ethnic' or 'too dark-skinned'