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TOMB RAIDER Movie Review

09 March 2018

She told the Daily Star: "Fashion industry insiders are saying that I could supersede Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid".

Hollywood is just not getting sick of making bad video game movies and this time they made a decision to reboot a bad video game movie to make another bad video game movie. So, obviously, there aren't any high tech gadgets or posh chateaus. Flashing a chiselled six-pack, she quickly establishes Croft as a proficient cyclist, kick-boxer, archer and, when the circumstances demand it, cold-blooded killer. Vikander in comparison is raw but she lacks the invulnerability, the aura and she is not the superhuman we want. Uthaug also takes care not to over-sexualise the lead character - something the games and the first two films were criticised for. This leads to Lara being a character whose gender doesn't add to or take away anything from the film. The father-daughter angle is riddled with cliches, and feels outdated and out of place. With a smoke show like Vikander and a superstar Goggins as the villain, I think we'll do well. With the Illuminati and Pandora's box from the previous Tomb Raider films feeling overused, the makers have resorted to a new group of baddies - Trinity, a shadowy organization.

GILLIAN McKeith swings through the air dressed as Lara Croft in tiny shorts. Being a grim adaptation of a grim video game reboot, the film is filled with moments that further desensitise violence in a desensitised world, but Vikander's reactions after her first kill - one that requires her to use her bare hands - are still moving, which only serves as a testament of her skills. To celebrate the upcoming release of Tomb Raider on the 16th of March, Warner giving 3 lucky readers the chance to win a really cool Tomb Raider movie hamper, which consists of a branded hoodie, ladies tank top, leather journal, mobile phone holder for a bike, backpack, wood puzzle, phone wallet with microfibre cloth, a T-shirt and women's cargo jacket. All in all, Tomb Raider is an Indiana-Jones style adventure that's worth a watch.

TOMB RAIDER Movie Review