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EA adds 6 Warner Bros published games to Origin Access

09 March 2018

This morning Electronic Arts revealed that, for the first time, games from anther publisher will be joining Origin Access. Other features of the service include free trial access to titles not included in The Vault with progress carrying over should a player choose to buy at the end of the trial and a 10 percent discount on all Origin purchases. This week, though, the company confirmed it has signed deals with external publishers to expand the games on offer - starting with titles from Warner Bros.

Origin Access also includes access to the Vault of older EA games, a list that includes the original Mass Effect trilogy, the Mirror's Edge games, the Titanfall games, some of the more recent Battlefield games, the Dragon Age series, and more. The Lego Batman games are also being added, with more WB published titles coming at a later date. All of those titles are available right now. It's a bit confusing, but for the time being, EA Access and Origin Access are separate services, and separate subscriptions. Over the next few weeks players will see "The Witness", "Out of the Park Baseball 19", "Lost Castle", "Bulletstorm - Lite", and "Wasteland 2" in their Vaults and ready to download.

For more information on Origin Access, head on over to its official website. Other games now available through the Vault are "Titanfall 2", "Mirror's Edge Catalyst", "Mass Effect" and "Mass Effect: Andromeda", "Battlefield 3", "Battlefield 4" and "Battlefield 1", "Star Wars: Battlefront", "The Sims 4", "Simcity" and many more. If you're on consoles then you can look forward to these games hitting EA Access soon.

EA adds 6 Warner Bros published games to Origin Access