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For Honor To Get Dedicated Servers For Consoles Tomorrow

06 March 2018

Hot on the heels of For Honor's dedicated servers rolling out for PC on 19th February, tomorrow will see the same infrastructure deploying on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But a lot of those same players have been hoping for a huge change to the game - the introduction of dedicated servers. The transition will be completed following a maintenance starting at 2:00PM UTC. Because it was such a rock-paper-scissors kind of game, internet latency and stability would seemingly become an important facet of the game's design, yet it took more than a year for dedicated online servers to be added to make sure players weren't frustrated by rage-quitting.

Major fixes have already been implemented on the PC side following the launch to improve the experience on servers. However, Ubisoft also notes in a press release that since the PC version's dedicated servers launched and player syncs and migrations have been completely removed, match completion rates are up.

According to Ubisoft, this will bring several improvements to For Honor's online experience on consoles.

Coming as part of For Honor Season Five, dedicated servers will also be accompanied by new heroes, new training events and a special three week long event. "Age of Wolves will be the first season of a full year's worth of content coming to For Honor in 2018".

Nearly a year ago, Ubisoft claimed that it would be adding dedicated servers to its historical brawler For Honor.

For Honor To Get Dedicated Servers For Consoles Tomorrow