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US Aircraft Carrier Arrives In Vietnam In First Such Visit Since War

05 March 2018

One of them was Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang on Sunday (March 4) said that the region's aspirations would be realised if "Indo-Asia-Pacific" was not "Balkanised" into spheres of influence and there is unimpeded freedom of navigation and trade through its waters.

Vietnam has also urged its fellow ASEAN nations to take a stronger stance against China in the South China Sea, though the body has largely chosen not to forcefully challenge Beijing.

USA warships have visited Vietnam several times since November 2003, when a U.S. frigate, the USS Vandegrift, made the first port call to the country since the Vietnam War ended.

On Friday, a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said that she hoped that the visit can "play a constructive role for the region instead of making the regional countries feel anxious".

"Vietnam welcomes India continuing to play her important role in the region", he said.

Thayer said Vietnam's friendliness with the United States is part of a strategy of balancing foreign influence among major powers.

The Carl Vinson has spent the past month deployed in the South China Sea where six governments, including Vietnam and China, hold competing claims over various features of the maritime region. Hanoi has been particularly forward-leaning on the disputes in recent years; in addition to approaching India, Vietnam has grown closer to the United States as well. They also engaged in exchanges with the crew members to enhance their mutual understanding in the spirit of the bilateral Comprehensive Partnership and as an effort to maintain peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world. The two sides also underlined the importance of the "maintenance of freedom of navigation and over-flight in the South China Sea, full respect for diplomatic and legal processes, peaceful settlement of disputes without resorting to the threat or use of force, and in accordance with worldwide law", it said.

The Philippines had dragged China to global arbitration under UNCLOS, but Beijing had refused to participate.

Vietnam is the among the claimants that has stood up most publicly against China, after the Philippines - long one of most ardent critics of Chinese expansion in the area - reversed course under President Rodrigo Duterte. Fuller's father served in Vietnam. The Vietnamese president met his Indian counterpart Ram Nath Kovind as well as the Indian prime minister. The two sides also agreed to cooperate in defence production and explore opportunities in transfer of technology.

The two countries have chose to expedite the implementation of the $100 million Line of Credit for the building of high-speed patrol boats for the Vietnam Border Guards and also to sign a framework agreement on the $500 million Line of Credit for defence industry.

US Aircraft Carrier Arrives In Vietnam In First Such Visit Since War