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Why Putin's nuclear weapons claims are unlikely to spark an arms race

03 March 2018

Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said: "It was certainly unfortunate to have watched the video animation that depicted a nuclear attack on the United States".

In an interview with Vladimir Putin, NBC's Megyn Kelly pressed the Russian president on his recent claims that Russia has developed a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that is effectively unstoppable, rendering missile defense systems "useless".

Putin's address comes ahead of the country's March 18 presidential election, and experts said that it was probably aimed more at a domestic audience than meant to be an worldwide provocation.

"It took six years for the Obama administration to even admit that Russian Federation was serious about developing new nuclear weapons or violating the INF treaty despite the urging of this Committee and others".

"If you look at some of our peer competitors - China being one - and you look at the number of facilities they have built to do hypersonics, it surpasses the number we have in this country and is quickly surpassing it by (a factor of) two or three", he told reporters Thursday.

Russia's leadership has stoked fears that the U.S. military's effort to develop a global missile system, particularly with elements in Eastern Europe, presents a direct threat to Russia's national security.

"This makes it absolutely invincible for any forms of air and missile defense", he boasted, calling it an "ideal weapon".

Putin described several advances in missile technology, including a hypersonic weapon that can fly at many times the speed of sound.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: The United States on Thursday (Friday in Manila) accused Moscow of openly breaching Cold War-era treaties by developing what Russian President Vladimir Putin called a new generation of "invincible" hypersonic weapons and submarines.

"Our nuclear doctrine determines no other reasons for the use of nuclear weapons", Peskov stressed.

Russian nuclear missiles already have the ability to annihilate the United States, and USA defence strategy is based mainly on the deterrent threat of massive nuclear retaliation, not on an impenetrable shield against Russian missiles.

But Russian media outlets are now reporting that the video displayed on the giant screen during Putin's address is from a documentary called "Satan" that was broadcast on Russia's state-run Channel One in 2007. "We can't be dissuaded by nuclear disarmament advocates who would rather us unilaterally disarm while also dismantling our missile defenses".

The Russian Defence Ministry's new intercontinental missile, dubbed "Sarmat" weighs over 200 tonnes and will be equipped with a broad range of nuclear warheads capable of being used in any conditions, according to Mr Putin.

In a separate statement on Facebook, Antonov rejected the accusations of the US State Department.

Why Putin's nuclear weapons claims are unlikely to spark an arms race