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Apple Watch Series 3 Can Track Your Skiing and Snowboarding Workout

02 March 2018

Snowboarders and skiers will find that their Apple Watch is now capable of tracking runs, thanks to updates launching certain apps.

As far as how these winter activities utilize the hardware within Apple's popular wearable, it triggers both the built-in Global Positioning System function and altimeter.

If you want to check out a few apps that show the new APIs in action, check out Slopes, Squaw Alpine, Snocru, Ski Tracks and Snoww.

Apple's smart watch has chose to delight its snow sports users.

They will receive critical insights about vertical descent, distance covered, their average speed, the number of runs and the corresponding calories burnt.

The Apple Watch can already manage the majority of basic workouts on land and water, and now Apple is giving third-party apps the tools for better integration with the smartwatch. What is common to them is that they all leverage Apple Watch's Global Positioning System and altimeter, along with the custom workout APIs released in watchOS 4.2.

Calorie burn, run count, and speed are determined using a combination of the altimeter elevation readings, accelerometer and Global Positioning System integrated into the latest Apple Watch models.

With this new update in watchOS 4.2, Apple has optimized the algorithm and the underlying data is provided on the watch interface through carefully handpicked APIs. The updates for Slopes includes lift vs. trail time and more.

Apple's support for winter sports is a continuation of its efforts to broaden its offering even more.

Users will also be able to send active calorie measurements to the Activity app and get credit toward filling their rings like with any other workout. The update also enables all skiing and snowboarding apps to become the default app to be shown when the user raises their wrist, that's similar to the native Workout app.

Apple Watch Series 3 Can Track Your Skiing and Snowboarding Workout