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Dionne: On gun violence, a failed state

21 February 2018

"The reason we started March for Our Lives and the reason we are doing this on March 24th, we've been hearing a lot that this is not the time to talk about gun control", junior Cameron Kasky explained. It's always an all talk and no action merry-go-round. Any attempt to broach the subject of greater gun control is used by the NRA to excite a significant portion of the electorate, primarily in red-state middle America, that their liberties are being infringed by a liberal elite. There are no straightforward solutions to gun violence, but as long as we continue to think of the topic in terms of mass shootings, we will continue to get this issue wrong. "But we are trying to keep them out of the hands of unsafe people". Guns are not simple toys that children play with, they are instruments created to kill - wake up, my American people.

"Nobody wants to take away people's guns", Mr Hines said.

The latest school shooting has once again caused a full out assault against guns, gun owners and the National Rifle Association.

Gun sellers are required, in most circumstances, to run the names of would-be gun buyers through the system to ensure they are not barred from purchasing firearms.

But it's unlikely that Trump will seize this opportunity, even though he and his advisers have tried to suggest that he's interested in seriously addressing the problem of gun violence. What America needs, is respect - for gun owners, that is.

It is striking how little suicide deaths and domestic violence deaths factor into our thinking about guns.

St. VALENTINE DAY MASSACRE February 14, 2018 and the Government still has done nothing except, President Trump and a choir of Republican's gave the exhausted old response to the shooting in Florida. Because of this, many Idahoans are surprised to learn the firearm mortality rate in Idaho is nearly twice that of California, and more than three times that of NY according to the CDC.

I would like to touch on a few points for citizens who blame guns for this violence.

"How should the USA prevent future mass shootings?"

"Many of us walked this emotional path." he reminds us.

Advocates Warn Against Making Links Between Mental Illness, Mass Shootings Advocates for those with mental illness spoke out against making assumptions about links between mental health issues and gun violence after President Donald Trump said the suspect in a mass shooting at a Florida high school was "mentally disturbed".

Dionne: On gun violence, a failed state