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Durant responds to Laura Ingraham's comments: 'To me, it was racist'

18 February 2018

Fox News host Laura Ingraham slammed LeBron James and Kevin Durant on Thursday night for comments the National Basketball Association stars made about U.S. President Donald Trump. "You either cave in to that notion, or you just chalk it up and say you know what, Imma paint over this God damn gate and make it taller", said James. She also suggested that James should be a "cautionary lesson" for kids who try to leave high school early.

Ingraham devoted a whole segment of her Fox News show this week to criticizing James for saying Trump didn't understand the nation's citizens in an interview alongside Kevin Durant. Millions elected Trump to be their coach.

If Ingraham takes issue with political commentary coming from unelected celebrities, she may want to take a look at her own network. "I have used a variation of that title for more than 15 years to respond to performers who sound off on politics", Ingraham said.

Fellow NBA star Dwyane Wade, who was recently traded back to the Miami Heat from James' Cleveland Cavaliers, told fans on Twitter that Ms. Ingraham was somehow emboldened by Mr. Trump's election.

She had to resort to bullying and below-the-belt insults to defend her president which, inadvertently, further solidifies what James and Durant were saying.

Ingraham's argument was that James is not qualified to speak about politics because he's an athlete. I thought a lot of people enjoyed it.

In a statement released on Friday, she said there was "no racial intent in my remarks" and dismissed such claims as "an attempt to immunize entertainment and sports elites from scrutiny and criticism". First of al I would have had a little more respect for her if she wrote those words, she probably said t right off the teleprompter but that's ok. That was definitely an ignorant comment. "My whole thing is I can't dwell on that, and I can't let that distract me from the real goal at hand, which is to continue to encourage and empower people around the world". It was the president of the United States, it was whoever was the best in sports and then it was like the greatest musician at the time.

Durant responds to Laura Ingraham's comments: 'To me, it was racist'