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Hyderabad couple arrested for beheading baby for human sacrifice

17 February 2018

The matter came to light when the baby girl's head was found on the terrace of the cab driver's house in Hyderabad's Uppal area on February 1.

Hyderabad Police has arrested eight people including a cab driver and his wife in connection with the beheading of a three-month-old baby.

After completing the rituals, the accused carried the severed head to the terrace and kept it in the south-west corner under the lunar eclipse moonlight and the rising sun.

Further interrogation of Rajasekhar, who was questioned several times earlier, and Srilatha, led to the couple confessing to the shocking murder, Bhagwat said.

"He was advised by person to perform black magic and sacrifice a girl child to ward of evil spirits, a reason given for his wife's chronic disease", said Hyderabad Police.

At around 3 am, he reportedly reached home with the baby's head in a polythene bag. "He carried on with his regular taxi driving the next morning to avoid any doubts", a police official told the media. Although police had suspected Rajasekhar of committing the crime, he allegedly kept misleading them by claiming that it was the handiwork of either his neighbours or enemies. During questioning Rajashekar told the investigators of the case that he was suggested to perform human sacrifice for his wife long life.

"A blood stain was found on the floor of their house on February 9, which was collected by the Clues team and was sent for analysis".

As per the Commissioner of Police during the course of the investigation, the accused tried to mislead the police by narrating different stories, but the DNA test revealed the truth. "The woman who lived in one part of the house that had been partitioned into two sections was horrified at the sight of the severed head and alerted the neighborhood", the police said.

Following this, Rajashekar consulted three black magicians, but their efforts yielded no results. Finally, he made a decision to offer "narabali", police said. The couple were produced before a local court today.

Hyderabad couple arrested for beheading baby for human sacrifice