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Tripura remains a backward state under Left rule: Chavan

15 February 2018

As BJP and Left Front are locked in bitter political battle in Tripura, Saffron party is eyeing the shift of traditional congress vote base in its kitty to turn tide in its favour. The state committees and party members have until 20 March to send their inputs. After ruling the State for three consecutive terms under Tarun Gogoi, Congress was upstaged by Narendra Modi powered BJP which came to power with a comfortable majority after having remained a non-starter in local polls for long.

"Outside parliament, we should cooperate with all secular opposition forces for a broad mobilisation of people against the communal threat", it added.

The so-called "political-tactical" line of the party in fact seemed confused on how to deal with the Congress which it branded as a party which represents the interests of the "bourgeois-landlord" classes.

Tripura has never seen a campaign like this, at least he can not recall, says Mithun Ghosh, a government employee in his 40s, of the BJP's relentless, star-studded electioneering to breach this Left bastion of over 25 years.

While accusing the Congress of running away from answering the Chargesheet released by the BJP recently, Kohli said that the congress is creating a negative campaign by communalizing the elections and running away from shameful track record and it is unable to answer the scams against it and unable to say why they have not kept promises made over 15 years in Meghalaya. "We have a chance here and we are doing our best", a party strategist said.

BJP leaders like Manoj Kanti Deb says, "The CPI-M is actually nervous as tribals and tea garden working community are overwhelmingly coming to attend BJP's rallies".

"The state has missed out so much and while other states are already talking about bullet trains and metro, unfortunately Meghalaya is still talking about rural development", he said, attacking the Congress-led Meghalaya United Alliance government.

The BJP-IPFT bond has forced CPM to double its effort in campaigning across tribal seats as it publicises the "unholy" nexus between the two parties.

Over the past four decades, the dominant political and electoral narrative of Tripura has become simple: one is either pro-CPM or anti-CPM, a division that permeates all sections of society. "I think the people of the state won't believe in such propaganda this time", he maintained.

In its post-2014 avatar, the BJP set its eyes on Tripura in a bid to encircle the Left as part of its aim of realizing a Communist-mukt Bharat.

The Congress, which is playing catch-up in the elections, faces an uphill task to defeat the Left and check the BJP's growth.

A BJP government is bound to come.

The party leadership was divided over the issue of an alliance with the Congress.

The party will focus on job creation, equity in development, political empowerment and farmers' welfare in Nagaland.

Touching on cultural issues of the state, he said the Left government would celebrate birth anniversaries of Lenin and Stalin but not of Vivekananda, Tagore and a revered king of the state.

Tripura remains a backward state under Left rule: Chavan